ACPI driver for FreeBSD

NOTE: Now we have new project page and CVS repository at so these stuff is now obsolete. Check ACPI for FreeBSDPage This driver is now in merging process. COMPLETELY obsolate

What is ACPI

ACPI is acronym for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface developed by Toshiba,Intel,Microsoft. It provides,
  1. Device enumration.
  2. Chipset independent OS based power management.
It consists 3 element,ACPI table, ACPI register, ACPI Machine Language(AML).


Kernel Driver that recognize ACPI table in BIOS area isACPI Driver page..

And previously I distributed userland tool that reads ACPI tables and parse AML.Now it has interactive interface like shell to walk ACPI name space.
The code is here.
Previous version that only dumps ASL-like language is here.
Now we are preparing CVS repository at it is available, I'll write about it here. Get any version.
You can browse a bit older version of source code.


ACPI homepage.
You can get ACPI spec from there.
Linux Side of the force.
PIIX powermanagement patch
Linux PIIX4 Powermanagemet controller driver.Not real ACPI .
PIIX4 SMBus driver for FreeBSD
ACPI uses SMBus as a way to access controller on the mother board.
FreeBSD IICBus and SMBus Framework
SMBus is a kind of IICBus and the driver is impremented on the framework.
ACPI for FreeBSD project
Mr. Iwasaki and I launched the project.